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Rollei Stativ Compact Traveller Star S2 Camera Tripod

Rollei Stativ Compact Traveller Star S2 Camera Tripod

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Lightweight Voyager S2 Tripod - A must-have for the ultimate movie
Like all products in the DIGI range, the Rollei Tripod Lightweight Traveller Star S2 (previously known as DIGI 9300) is extremely light and sturdy. This photography tripod is designed for photography enthusiasts who travel long distances and need a device that can be set up in seconds, take it with you wherever they go, and use it in a variety of environments. Lightweight Voyager Star S2 (previously known as DIGI 9300) tripod - lightness is born. 

While lightweight, this photography tripod is by no means flimsy. A tripod is an accessory you need to carry with you. Fortunately, this tripod's frame is so light and compact that it won't bother you at all. In addition, this tripod comes with a special tripod bag for safe and convenient storage. So when you're pressed for time and staying up for days in a row trying to get the perfect movie, the DIGI 9300 will be your right-hand man.

Lightweight Traveler Star S2 - A must-have photography tripod for light travel
With the Lightweight Traveler Star S2 tripod by your side on every adventure, you won't miss a moment. If your plans keep changing locations and you're always on the go, take your DIGI 9300 and go wherever a DSLR might be used to show off your photography talents. Shooting wildlife documentaries? absolutely okay. Shooting continuous landscapes? DIGI 9300 is here to assist you. Filming an air show honoring the deceased? This tripod also works great. Shooting aerial stunts at the local circus? Set up the tripod, tilt, track, lock; lights, camera-ready, shoot! 

Weight without tripod head: 1290g
Max. working height:    
Max height: 1500mm
Min Altitude: 530mm
pack size: 550mm
Max. load: 3000g
tripod leg segments: 3
Tripod leg diameter: 24,21,17mm
Material: Aluminum 

Tripod head
Head type: Ball join
Steering: Pan, lock & tilt
Max. load: 3000g

Tripod connection    
Material:  Aluminum

Quick-release plate
Broad: 50mm
Height: 40mm
Weight: 21g 

What's inside the box?
1x Tripod Compact Traveler Star S2
1x tripod head
1x quick release plate
1x tripod bag 

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