Warranty Terms & Conditions

Lau (Asia) Distribution Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") would provide warranty service and replacement of defective parts to the product, for which is under warranty period and normal use, while the product is out of order and verified by the Company’s serviceman. The service shall be rendered and considered as appropriate by the Company only. All replaced parts shall become Company’s assets. Listed below are the terms and conditions of the warranty scheme:

Company shall exercise its sole and absolute discretion to determine whether to charge a service fee for the Repair / Replacement Works or not to carry out the Repair / Replacement Work under the following circumstances :

  • Where damage was caused by an alteration of the Product from its structure or specification as stated in the package and user manual;
  • Where damage was caused by the use of parts / accessories not produced by the Manufacturer;
  • Where the Product was not used, repaired or maintained in accordance with the user manual (damage caused by using the Product not within the controlled environment including but not limited to expiry of specified rating, abnormal changes or inappropriate voltage, current, electromagnetic and public circuit etc.);
  • Where damage was caused by accident (including shock, impact, dropping, water or sand );
  • Where damage was caused by adjustment, transformation, decomposition, cleaning or repair carried out by person(s) not authorised by the Company or by the Customer himself / herself;
  • Where damage was caused by using pirated software;
  • Where damage was caused by virus infection during usage;
  • Where damage was caused by force majeure;
  • The damage is caused by your negligence, misuse, wilful act, omission, default of the Product or incurred during the transportation of the Product not carried out by the Company;
  • The Product is not supplied by the Company or its authorised dealers;
  • The production of the Product, its accessories and spare parts have been discontinued.

    Unless the product is repaired under warranty or extended service warranty without charge, the Customer shall pay Company the actual Repair Charge. The Customer’s payment is due when the Product is returned to the Customer. All payment shall be made in Hong Kong Dollars in cash or by credit cards. Payments by cheques will not be accepted.

    Company has the sole and absolute discretion to determine whether repairs are serviceable. If Company determines in its sole and absolute discretion, while inspecting the Product, that repairs are 

    • not serviceable, or 
    • not serviceable due to failures of parts that are not supplied by Company, or
    • not serviceable due to abuse, misuse or misapplication of the Product by the Customer or unauthorised personnel,

        Company reserves the right to return the Product to the Customer without repair.

        Company will perform repairs of the damaged parts as described in the Service Order. If the Customer has not specified the repair, the Customer shall nevertheless be liable for the repair charges incurred by Company as considered necessary at Company’s sole and absolute discretion.

        Company shall not be responsible for any breakdown of the Product caused by any non-Manufacturer hardware or software related problems or any damage or malfunction to any accessories which are connected to the Product.

        Company shall not be liable to the Customer or any third party whatsoever for any damage, loss, liability (save and except for any personal injuries or death) including but not limited to any loss of or damage to data or software caused by any act, omission or negligence of any technician, employee or independent contractor of Company or any events of Force Majeure. In any event, the maximum liability of Company under the Service Order shall be restricted to the total amount paid by the Customer hereunder.

        Company will exercise every care to safeguard the Product(s) received but no guarantee can be given against loss and damage caused by circumstances beyond Company’s reasonable control including, but not limited to war, riot, strike, embargo, act of god, theft or government intervention.


        Company may disassemble the product and reset its settings in the course of inspection, repair or parts replacement without prior notice to the Customer. Any damaged/defective part so replaced shall be Company’s property and non-returnable.

        Before the inspection, you shall be responsible to ensure that all data stored in the external storage media or Built-In Memory has back up.

        Under no circumstances shall Company be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage or leakage whatsoever arising from the loss or damage of the external storage media or Built-In Memory or its data or copyright in connection with the inspection, use or maintenance of the external storage media or Built-In Memory.

        Company reserves the right to refuse Customer’s request for the inspection on external storage media or Built-In Memory without giving any reason and prior notice.