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Comica 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Combo Microphone System (520.0 to 578.5 MHz) (CVM-WM300B)

Comica 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Combo Microphone System (520.0 to 578.5 MHz) (CVM-WM300B)

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Comica 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Combo Microphone System (520.0 to 578.5 MHz) (CVM-WM300B)

- For mobile news, camera
- Wireless Handheld Microphone
- Omnidirectional lavalier microphone
- Bodypack transmitter
- 2 channel camera mount receiver
- 96 channels with automatic scan selection
- Locked 3.5mm line and headphone outputs
- Cables, belt clips, camera mounts and cases
- 8 hours rechargeable battery + USB
- Working range up to 394'

Two channels in one receiver
- The CVM-WM300B is equipped with a dual channel receiver with dual external antennas and multiple mounting options, by using a single receiver to simultaneously receive signals from two transmitters, you can save space on your shooting equipment. Mount the receiver on a standard tripod, or use the included hot shoe mount to mount it on your camera, DSLR or camcorder.
- High resolution backlit LCD screen displays important information such as receiver and transmitter battery status, audio levels and group/channel selection.
- Select the mono output mode when using a single transmitter or when recording signals from two transmitters to the mono camera input. Switch to Stereo Out mode to record each transmitter to a separate audio channel (Group A to the left channel, Group B to the right channel).
- The CVM-WM300B includes two audio cables (one 3.5mm and one 3.5mm to XLR) for connecting the receiver's volume adjustable 3.5mm line out to the input of a camera, DSLR or camcorder. A separate 3.5mm port is provided for live monitoring via headphones.

Bodypack transmitter and lavalier microphone
- The CVM-WM300B includes a bodypack transmitter and a lavalier microphone for easy placement of the microphone on your subject during interviews, documentaries, vlogs, conferences, and more. The microphone's locking 3.5mm plug screw is in place to prevent accidental disconnection.
- By using an omnidirectional polar pattern, the lav mic provides 360° pickup that is more adaptable to the subject's head movement. Mount the included windbuster on the lav mic to significantly reduce wind and clothing rustling.
- The transmitter's 3.5mm input can accept line level signals if you need to do a camera jump; route the output of a mixer or field recorder to the transmitter's line input to wirelessly transmit the audio mix to the receiver.

Wireless Handheld Microphone/Transmitter
- The wireless handheld microphone is perfect for news gathering, live vocal performances, guest speakers, and more. Its built-in transmitter ensures a reliable wireless connection to the camera-mounted receiver.
- Dedicated switches are provided for easy switching of low-cut filters and high or low transmit power.

Versatile Power Options
- Powers the bodypack transmitter and receiver for up to eight hours from the internal rechargeable battery. Alternatively, use an external USB battery pack to power it or charge the internal battery via USB. With this versatility, you can keep taking long shots.
- The wireless handheld microphone is powered by two AA batteries (purchased separately). Just unscrew the bottom to access the battery compartment.

Important features
- Maximum operating range is approximately 394' line of sight or 263' with obstructions
- Use of UHF FM bands in two groups - Group A for 520.0 to 548.5 MHz and Group B for 550.0 to 578.5 MHz
- 96 channels with automatic scan selection for glitch-free operation
- Fast auto-sync via IR
- Group selectable (A, B or A/B) via side panel switch on receiver
- Switchable stereo/mono audio output on receiver
- 16-level volume adjustment for bodypack transmitter
- Selectable mic or line level input on bodypack transmitter
- Transmitter low-cut filter reduces rumble and low frequency buildup
- Selectable high/low transmit power; use low power mode to reduce power consumption when working at close range, or switch to high power mode to improve signal quality when working at longer distances
- The transmitter power button doubles as a mute switch (long press power, short press mute)
- Metal body construction provides effective EMI shielding
- Includes carrying case for simplified transport

Inside the box
- Comica Audio CVM-WM300B 2-Person Camera Mount Wireless Combo Microphone System (520.0 to 578.5 MHz)
- Dual channel receiver
- Bodypack transmitter
- Omnidirectional lavalier microphone
- Wireless Handheld Microphone/Transmitter
- Male 3.5mm to Male 3.5mm output cable
- Male 3.5mm to male XLR output cable
- Micro-USB charging cable
- Wind cover
- 2 belt clip
- 2 x Camera Cold Shoe Mounts
- carry luggage
- Limited 1 year warranty
- User Manual
- 1.9 MB

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